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Finding the Right Plan for You

I provide a range of packages designed to offer varying levels of support to families based on their needs. 

Father with Newborn Baby


2 weeks support

2 support calls

Detailed initial assessment Consultation (1 hour )

Bespoke sleep plan


Baby's Room

Star Sleeper

4 weeks support

Mother and Baby Sleeping


2 weeks support

10 support calls
Detailed initial assessment Con
sultation (1 Hour – Can be recorded)
Bespoke sleep plan

6 support calls

Detailed initial assessment Consultation (1 hour )

Bespoke sleep plan



Unlimited packages are available: Priced on request.


Finding the Right Support for You

Don’t need a full sleep package?

But still having sleep issues check if the support calls below meet your needs

Image by Reynardo Etenia Wongso

Sleep Shaper

Do you a new-born? Or expecting a baby?

Want to have the skills to get you new born off to  a great start with sleep ?

The sleep shaper is for you. You will learn skills to help you little one get off to a great sleep start and how to progress their sleep skills.


Image by Annie Spratt

Super Sleeper Power Hour

A bit stuck with sleep?
Not sure what is wrong or how to fix it?
Try the super sleeper power hour.
You will have 1hr to discuss. Your little ones sleep and get specific action points to improve your little ones sleep.


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